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How can someone reject a person who is attractive and of a good family of generational prestige and money in town? Why would they not be interested when many others are?

Maybe you have a crappy personality.

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Why does seasonal depression almost always happen during the wintertime for me and I tend to feel better during the summertime whereas it’s the complete opposite for some people?

Seasonal depression is defined as being worse in the winter because of your lack of sunlight you are exposed to. People generally get an abundance of sunlight in the summer. That is why some psychotrists recommend using sun lamps in the winter to help with seasonal depression.

Of the following, which would you rather own? A. a magical flying carpet B. a magical mirror that lets you see anything you want C. a magical flower with healing properties when you sing a song D. a magical trident that controls the sea

tristanandiseult3’s Profile PhotoMarie Serendipity
Being over 40, I'd go with the magic hair.
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