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Is love complicated? Why?

because a human by themselves is complicated, then you throw another person into the mix and it makes it that much more complicated.
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I know someone who is a special ed teacher. Make sure you can deal with bitting children and be able to lift them or constrain them when they get out control! They always have bite marks :(

I'm aware haha, my mom is one, if I was going to pursue that id probably work with younger kids anyway
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Please don't smoke or do drugs your such a great person and would b a horrible loss to this world without you.

well I don't know who this is but regardless, thank you:) and I'm not really planning on it so you don't have to worry

I won't cheat this time

I hardly doubt this is devon and but on the off chance this is devon, go fuck yourself.

I know you said its not relevant anymore but I just wanted to say that if he treated you the way he did, he's not the one that deserved better, you did and do. Just wanted you to know you're worth a lot more than you think you are

well thank you:) that means a lot

I have no tolerance for cheating. It's horrible that he did that to you

yeah it sucks but it's whatever. thanks

What happened between you and Devon? I thought you guys were really cute :/

he cheated on me, he lied to me, he was very controlling and jealous without probable cause, and also he's a senior and I'm a freshman, he's going to college next year anyway and I don't want to have a long distance relationship with someone. I had moved on anyway and it wasn't fair for him to be with someone who couldn't reciprocate feelings towards him. he deserved better and obviously he found someone he's happy with so none of this is even relevant anymore so.

Ur just a fat insecure pig

says the person who's diminishing someone anonymously to make themselves feel better..

Devon is finally mine now b*tch

if this is who I think it is then you can have him XD why would I care when I dumped him anyway


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