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What irks me the most is when someone thinks they’re better than you because they have more stuff a bigger house looks at you like a piece of trash. You don’t know me you don’t know where I come from. You don’t know what I got. Maybe they choose to wear the clothes they wear think you’re better. ?

I've never thought I was better . Who u tlkn to

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You like playing games? You kept lying for what? Telling me your in love with me for what? It isn't true you made your choice.

My love don't change .. only me realizing truths change my actions ........but my heart .. nawl

Is it too late to apologize?

I suppose it's never to late to appologize . But that's not very much meaning . Especially when it's a repetitive occurrence... But I do appreciate the blessings which were very undeserving

Of course I realize you think you know everything, but what is there to know? You won't find any discretions in the truth on this end. Now you do realize I'm smarter than you think, and I know almost everything you've been doing behind the scenes since day 1.

Yea ... So where does that leave us ??? Very curious ...

How's your love life

Sucks like a gay mfkr sucking asshole I'm really horny actually I would die for some head from my significant other ... UGGGGHHHH buuuutt ... Anyways who really cares ... Nobody cares


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