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What's on your mind atm???

I just had a really deep conversation and I’m thinking about who I had it with

What do you think of cutters

I think cutting is a very powerful addiction that can take over even the strongest people. cutting has nothing to do with what kind of person you are and your worth.

I've tried to text u recently (I'm from summit) but the person who's # it was said it wasn't u


Hey I honestly couldn't care less if you do drugs occasionally but please be safe and take lots of precautions when you do them okay? You're snap story when you went to the concert a few days ago was pretty scary.

yeah thanks i'm trying to be a lot more safe, I've had a rough week. Nice to know ya care.

Hi bell I'm glad you are doing better <3

hi thanks man not sure i'm doing too much better honestly but thanks hmu


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