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Instead of talking to "each other" through posts, (if it isn't you talking to yourself), why don't you just talk to the person directly instead. like bruh 🤑

I don't post anything anywhere.

Can you talk to the people directly when you have an issue or. Are you coward and talk or do things in their back

I like to confront them, but I don't like it to cause conflict

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You love-twitter much you’re going to be a TWITTER sensation! Lack of respect for my family and me ! Everything I know I will CONFESS TO da law tomorrow morning! And ur still playing mind games with ur shoutouts ! Good more ammo for me to present to them ! Sleep well I did it cause I love you

I'm not the Droid you're looking for

I am an Indiana Jones fan since childhood. When Indy lectured as a college professor, I was a bit too young to understand those scenes, but felt a sense of wisdom and maturity. One day, my teacher asked me to show the class on how to solve a math problem and I started to teach and felt like Indy.

That's awesome


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