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So can we talk like adults or no? You know I only have love for you babe. That's the Honest truth. Either way this is the last time you'll ever hear from me whether you want to talk to me again or not. Depends on you if you want it to end on good terms or no terms. I'll wait a bit. ❤️

We Can And Doubt That , And I’m Not Sure

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Have you been too good all your life and gained nothing? So at some point you wanna do everything crazy?

Yass pretty much

I'm bored ask me anything :)

ceciliacalveno’s Profile PhotoCecilia :)
Awe I’m bored to But you can ask me anything as well !
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Btw your very gorgeous babes 🥵😍🥰😘

I feel like my boyfriend/fiancé is pushing me away. He barely wanna hang out with me. He always on his phone or playing video games or watching tv and he up all night. I can’t even sleep like i use too anymore. Idk what to do or say to him to not hurt his feelings. He always facing his phone down.

simonespooner’s Profile PhotoSimone
He’s cheating tell you that

We were doing good. I was making money. I was communicating with you. It’s always you who keeps fucking it up. I played right moves and I’m just over it now. I just can’t love you. I’m sorry but I’m waiting on the police to get you. I can’t do this anymore.


You were always wrong. You will never be able to forgive yourself. Ever since I met you, you were always wrong.

I admit


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