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Is it weird to be early to mid twenties and still living with your parents?

Tell me about it I'm 43 I live with my brother and his wife

I met that girl you always posting bout and everything u said was liessss

Not me this is my first day that guy left the building

Well. I can’t believe that those two are still married, in north Carolina having sex, making out in the ocean and on top of that sleeping in the same bed😳😳 BrookeElizabethxo and her husband ladies and gents..

See why you worried about them someone out there is saying the same about you

I think you should just follow your heart and do what you feel is right, ya know?

Well thank you ,can I have your number

Is it selfish to not want children?

Nope it's art cause if your not ready then the Child wont go without


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