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well I looked through your answers amd saw you're a southern cowgirl. so you get amd Infinity rate from me cause I'm a country boy (:

Awh thank you (:
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just to clarify i wasnt saying you were not country, i was asking what about you is country because i was curious... its okay ghaha

Oh okay we'll I'm tired of taking shit because I go to a highlands ranch school and I am country. Who is this?

why do you say your a cowgirl?????

Um mabe because I raise cows? I've done 4-H seince I was 8. My grandmother owns a cattle ranch up in Bailey Colorado. X-brand ranch look it up. I've been riding horses seince I could walk. I listen to country music and pretty much only country music. 4-H and the cattle industry are basically my life. Ask me a question about cattle or the industry. I can answer it. I won champion ranch raised calf this year at the DC fair with my 1250 lb angus limo calf. I showed up at park county until I was 12. I moved my animals down here to DC and Hayley Jacobs's property when I became a senior so that I could be closer to them. I can garantee that I am 10x more responsible than 90% of my peers because I grew up in the country atmosphere. So please- continue to tell me I'm not country and feel free to come see me about it. I'll give you some more evidence

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