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Why can’t you come over here and talk to me and you’re gonna have to help me because I gotta remember which one it was you had so damn many account and I didn’t hack it you were signed into my phone how is that hacking when you’re signed intomy shit using it! And I can prove it was my device


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It’s wrong to be in love with someone who don’t even care bout u ?

It's never wrong to love or be in love. It's our God given right. It's wrong for someone to lead another person on just to take their love for granted.

They probably already know it’s a fantasy so no need to tell them. It’s really not your place to even judge

Only God can judge really, so you're right about it not being my place to judge.

Have you ever dated someone that followed you everywhere you went.. literally?

I mean, yeah they were my best friend at one point.

If you lost absolutely everything… do you see it as an opportunity or the end?

There's always room for growth after the destruction of something.. that's the beauty of life. In order for life to bless you with new opportunities, there needs to be an end in something great to make room for something greater.

Why have a boyfriend when your own bf is trying to take revenge on you and faking everything so that they can get even and then leave 🤬😡

Damn. Felt this. Uh.. that part tho. I guess it's one sided. Not everyone knows what it is to love someone or have been in love. That's the wild part about this all.. no one ever really knows what's real or not nowadays.

I can't say I don't love you because it wouldn't be true. but I don't trust you anymore...

I don't blame you. I have hard time trusting people too.


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