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You have no idea what it takes to treat someone else’s heart like it was your own. That’s love bitch. THATS LOVE. All you fucking do is think about your God damn self

Why are you so mad at me 😭

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Do you go into a relationship trusting or do you see how they move first?

I tried the trusting thing and that burned me bad so now it has to be earned
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I like the thought of being with my future significant other but don’t want to be overwhelmed by responsibilities when things start getting serious and we’re past the stage where we were once infatuated with one another. Do you believe responsibilities in a relationship can be overwhelming at times?

Absolutely but there has to be constant communication

If someone confesses their love to you, how do you figure out if you like them back or not?

Date them?

If this is u why r we doing this ì want u u keep driving by for a reason i dont care what happened i love being with u ur beautiful in an out



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