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I’m Up In Age and I Still Need To Be Taught How To Play Spades Properly 😭

I couldn't tell you how and I'm probably the oldest person on here.

I nice man asked me out today. I living separated but still feels like cheating if I accept it. What do you think?

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If you have to ask then yes it is but that applies to most questions like this. If you ask your girlfriends if they think a guy is ugly, chances are he's ugly.

I am supposed to be with you right now. We are supposed to be doing this together!! Why are you doing this?????

You know how to reach me

My fault I fell in love, yes I was definitely feeling you. Atleast you were different from the rest, you caught my attention!🤤😮‍💨 But you just ain’t meant for me. Thanks for the experience

It's my fault, I'm irresistible

Bring up something only the two of us know & you’ll see if you’ve earned my respect

We buried the body off of route 4

The whole thing was a lie. I don’t you anymore and I don’t ever want to see you again. I really mean that this time. I’m really letting go, and you should too this time around.

Baby please don't do this. I need you

You scare me because I'm loyal until I look at you... ugh I want you so bad even if it's one night. Would you be down ?

Don't look at me and you won't have to worry

People just get on this app and really think they are that interesting that all sorts of random strangers are tripping over themselves to ask only them questions. Do you really think that??

It's just an outlet for some people that don't want to go to people they know with their problems. Also, it's just fun

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