Ask @bryanfitzmartin:

Do you trust people easily?

That answer is cultural; and I know that since I've lived in several different parts of the United States. In the Midwest and in Maine, the answer is, yes, you have to, and you can, the culture there demands this, so everyone does it. In Massachusetts where I grew up, the answer is -- you CAN, but in the end it's really not a good idea to.

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What is the craziest thing one of your teachers has done?

I will answer that question indirectly -- when you're young, you haven't really seen that much in life yet, but when you're older, say, in your 30s, you realize your teachers were all just people, just like you; for me, it was then, having thought about what that TRULY meant, when I realized just how straight-up "batshit" most of my teachers really were.

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