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TURDle buddy!!! Remember Justina Phillipé's "she'll yeah" shirt? And all those TURDles he murdered? And then he said they were gonna backstroke to my house and kill me? ((; OMG seventh grade was fun hahahh I miss having art with you guys ❤️

YES omg that was so much fun. I can't believe he picked that as his name in spanish class. &he was so cruel to those turtles

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Plz dont delete ur ask :( really like all those people are just talking serious crap and u shouldnt believe it

soccergirl1220’s Profile Photoanna dziedzic
ik that, but I don't like getting spammed every minute about someone I don't even know. it gets really annoying. so that's the main reason I'm deleting. since nate deleted his, they ask me questions to tell him. and he tells me to just delete them. so I don't like seeing a bunch of ask notifications when they are irrelevant.
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That person asking you all the questions about Nate is just.. No... No. Nate has an ask for a reason, that person shouldn't be bothering you.

ikr. they asked other weird and disturbing things but I deleted them✌️ haha
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Damn that person is getting on my nerves...all see is hate about Nate...people these days r just..ughh

Thepolishgabi’s Profile PhotoGabi
ik I deleted a bunch of questions and I still have some that I didn't answer :/
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Loll thankksss hahah marriage already? Well that escalated quickly lmfaoo

ikr I'm just like okay..... how about never!-.- atleast not to that creeper✌️ lolol
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