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hi noona,u seriously dont look like a noona to me but nevermind:) if u know, could you pls tell about the big fanclubs' admins and the idol himself relationship? the admins always know everything,i know idols get in touch w/them privately,i feel there is smth more than being a fan going on there.

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It's tricky. A few years ago, fan clubs were the only way to get close to a celebrity, so the heads of the fan clubs had a lot of power. Now, with SNS and the internet, fan clubs are not as big or as important. I think the admins do get special privileges and they have to be trusted by the agencies, but it's different for each group and company.

Hi noona, what do you think about PSH dating news and her deny? I think everybody knows that she is dating him tho?

I think PSH is a lucky girl :D

Do you anything about C-Clown or what will happen to them? Will they comeback?

Aw man, I don't know. I follow Rome on Instagram and he's kind of hinted that they're taking a hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. It doesn't look very hopeful thought :/

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Hey! :) Do you think Super Junior are good friends? (I mean if they are nice, (if) we actually befriend them) xD

Tay Mary
I think for them to stay together so long, they have to be :)

It's nothing bad, I just want to share our points of views.

:/ Sorry but I lost interest in this mess of a scandal some time ago. I'm not going to write or talk about it anymore.

Hi ^^ I want to talk you about Kim Hyun Joong

I dont know what else to say! I gave up on this mess awhile ago

I seriously can not trust anyone in kpop anymore.. idols, companies, media... I doubt every news I see. thanks for ur sincere answer, it is great to talk ppl who has knowledge in kpop and can be objective at the same time, hope to chat more! ;)

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no problem! yeah...media cant be trusted sorry to say...at soompi we try but er can only rely on the korean media....
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I have never thought as siwon did but i thought maybe Sm did it to promote him more after infinity challenge ppl started to talk abt him more u know...to keep him as the "trending idol"

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i doubt that too :/ just my opinion though. i just think akp is willing to post about anything
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Hi,i wanted to ask your thoughts abt siwon's news in allkpop,isn't it weird to make an article just in 5mins after his tweet,which isnt a big issue really,it usually takes them longer to publish it,can it be sth like an agreement to promote him?on the other hand not sure if SM is in good terms w/akp

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i dont think akp has an agreement with siwon. they saw the tweet and quickly wrote an article. not much content so it wouldnt have been too hard or long to put together
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lol I've heard Red Velvet is just a sub unit and the true group has 12 members, do you know anything about it? o-o

Jesús Bañuelos
I did hear rumors about that. Something about rainbows and each sub unit has a different color. I also heard that there are Chinese and Japanese members. We'll see how it all plays out though. I didn't hear about this rumors from any official sources

Oh, and I wanted to know: Besides Shinhwa is there a Kpop group known for being really a group of friends? (I know the friend-relationship is a big selling point, but in the end they are all colleagues. Are some different?)

I heard BEAST is close with each other but I don't think I can say very specifically which groups are close and what not. With any group of friends or even coworkers, people have their good and and days, and even in a group of 5 or more, there are smaller cliques in them

And I just wanted to say: Since you are the only Soompi editor that has a face to me, you seem the first Kpop-related person to me that actually seems really sane. This is such a crazy fandom.

Thank you T-T
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I have a longtime love/hate relationship with WGM: It's all fun and games in front of the camera, but I was wondering about their contracts: Is single-hood really a must on WGM (they have to sell a show so I guess it's possible, but a bit extreme) and how much drama is going on BTS?

WGM is all about image and this fantasy marriage so I think it makes sense that if you want to be on the show, you need to be single for it. I also think that the media loves the idea of catching people in real relationships, even though they might not actually be. But who knows.

Do you know news about Ajoo? I watched the Thai movie where he acted and I searched about him and the last news was 2012, I think :S

Sara Loaeza
Omg I havent heard about ajoo in years!!
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Incoming f(x)'s Amber's solodebut: what can you predict?? :) And what do you think about it? I'm actually soooo excited! gogo llama 8)

Elisa Jun
I dont know what to expect!
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Unnie, will Snsd comeback this year?? or how about their popularity, will they doing well??

I think they will since they only have less than 3 years left in their contract
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Hi noona, do you think someone from Pledis Ent. will make something big this year? Such as After School or another group from it?

I think we will get something from After School. Maybe even 17?
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