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What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?

that juliana and i stole a car to go to a fruit market because she wanted fruit
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Do you have a lucky talisman you keep with you? PAP!

i have three necklaces i swap that are important to me id that counts? (one from sophie, one from my grandma young, and one that is just special an represents my faith)

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you're most known for your gorgeousness, being amazing at singing and acting, and the time you dyed your hair bright colors 😍❤

Soph1ie’s Profile PhotoSophie
you little angel you❤❤❤❤
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What are you most known for?

*shouts at sophie to answer for me because all i'm gonna do is ponder whether anyone even knows who i am*
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Do you know any big gossips?

i've overheard plenty to know not to get involved with most people so i guess

"The way you're speaking to me irritates me, please desist any contact with me."

sounds good thanks

If you think your butt is small poo your pants it makes it look bigger

please drink some water u thirsty

Do you judge people quickly?

nah ive gotta actually kind know you before i decide whether or not i dislike you


people ! cant ! take ! fucking ! hints! like hunny no i really am mad :-)
also i dont have a photo of it but heres a throwback with watson & etherington
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