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Why do ppl like getting drunk? I’ll never understand that.

Because it was once cool but you miss out on things because you don't remember them sometimes so idk either to a certain extent 🤣

Would you ever be jealous of your ex’s new girlfriend?

If my ex had a girlfriend nawl I like girl on girl action

I’m literally within 1500 feet of you😱😱 I wish we could see each other I love you. Like I’m literally .2 miles away lol

Dude I don't like men like that fuck off no offense to LGBTQ community

You’re coming along with me

Do we have to both climax at the same time damn but on the real tho for the millionth time who are you

You hungry? 😏

Yeah for pussy lol nawl I'm full of shit I mean nawl I'm kidding I'm good what about yourself


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