What would you do if you had so much money?

Adventures with friends. Travel. Basically going to be wanderlust. Haha ? - & also have my own foundation for charity.

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Pretend you can declare your own national holiday. What would it be about?

Everything-is-free day from 3-7pm. Hahahahaha #shopaholicatheart #freeloaderatheart

Is there a difference between joggers and sweatpants? Do you like them

There is. Joggers are more stylish compared to the basic plain sweats. Love them both!


About that... ? I know I've been tweeting and planning since last semester. Idk, procrastination got me real hard. Maybe soon. We'll see! Just stay tuned! Haha

Why are you not blogging all the time now?

Maybe before? All because of Debut & attending events basically every other day. Don't even get to rest anymore huhu. BUT I'M BACK ON TRACK BABY!

Fave fashion brands that u shop from??

Used to be Forever21. Shifted to New Look & Splash. Otherwise, I don't really have any. I like experimenting!

Where do you mostly shop?

Doesn't really matter for me. I go from low end to luxurious, all that matters is that I like my purchases x)

Why did you take Fashion Design?

If the blog & course itself aren't self-explanatory meaning my passion for fashion then idk.. Haha kidding.

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