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Why does praying tend to help individuals feel better but for some it’s not as helpful or they find that it doesn’t help at all?

It’s all about your mindset. And being and staying positive and knowing that everything will be okay. Prayer works miracles for sure!!
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Leave a message for someone who hurt you 💔

Thank you, thank you for hurting me thank you for allowing me to push myself and to see how strong I truly am. And how much I was able to overcome alone. You are a huge stepping stone in my growth and in my healing ❤️‍ and I couldn’t thank you enough. Because well…you’ve taught me lessons and without those lessons and those endings. The blessings wouldn’t have come after. All I can say is after every storm is a rainbow and sunshine. And without the darkness I wouldn’t have been able to realize the light.

I think I've made my peace that you weren't the one for me

Isn’t that a song 🎶 by Khalid called coaster???!

Opinions on people who get satisfaction out of bullying others when they are clearly going through trauma and are suffering?

They’re only projecting onto you how they feel about themselves. Send them love and pray for them to find healing ❤️‍ because coming out of darkness isn’t easy.

She even copies everything you do smh stalking your page

Yeah people are weird they’ll hate you but yet wanna be you and act like you. Make it make sense please

I have a broken heart

I hope you mend it and heal ❤️and don’t let whatever broke your heart do it again. Love yourself find yourself and things in your life will all change for the better!

When was the last time you dropped your phone on your face?

I always do that especially when I’m trying to watch a video and I can barely keep my eyes opened


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