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Yeah. But don't listen to me. Do something that you would like to do & that'll keep you taken care of where you're independent. ☺

Well yeah I know but I gotta start thinking about it, senior year is right around the corner and I still don't really know what I want.

It isnt! Especially if you get a nursing diploma it's 2 maybe 3 years but I finished in 2. You should consider it if you don't go to the military so soon. Sorry just giving you examples ?

You're helping haha who knows what the future holds

LOLOL okay. I wanted to go to Navy seals but a recruiter told me it's grueling so I might do CG since it's easier and I'll be close to home.

Stack* sorry. And that's pretty cool, how old are you?

Yeah I know what you mean. That's a good position. You should do the Navy then. At least you'll be a engineer and go site seeing, you follow?

I gave the navy a thought. Trust me, I have a stalk full of pamphlets from the navy, Air Force, army, marines and so on... I follow, but I was giving an example lol, I'm not really sure as to what I even want to do.

You should go for the easiest so it really doesn't put any ptsd on you. Just future references

Yeah, I was talking to one of my coworkers and she was telling me to enlist in either one and go for non combat jobs. I'd be deployed but if I chose to be a computer engineer, I will only work on computers and not be put out to fight. Do you follow?

Not completely broke. A scholarship would help a lot. A LOT. That's what helped me with my nursing school

Yeah that's true. But I thought about it, and I've been thinking a lot of whether or not to enlist in the military to have my education paid for.

What do you want to major for in college

In all honesty, I don't even know what I want to do at the moment. College will leave me broke. But if I do follow through with my plan, I hope to major in psychology and philosophy.

Saying I'm a catfish or something lol?

I have had it happened a year ago around this time, I guess you could say I'm just cautious with who talks to me on here anonymously.


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