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Hey i already received confirm email but i changed my mind and would like to get another one. What do i do?

Email us to let us know ^^ and we will help you from there

Do you normally reply your customers when they have emailed you the screenshot of the ATM transfer receipt?

yes we do :) however, kindly email us again if you didnt received any reply from us :)
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how do I order the boots from the website?:)

Hi there, kindly place your orders via our website ( DIPANDROLL.COM ) . currently we only have up to size 39

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How did you come about opening? And how old were you ahen you started this :-)

Hmm... We wanted to start a shop together so we get it started
Age is a secret ✌️

Can u bring in more dresses/romper a with sleeves pls!

Hi there :) we heard you and we will
Be bringing them in soon :) thank you

hi I rlly like ur clothes but idk how to order and some are quite ex:( all the designs are all so beautiful:)

Hi there :) you can place your order via our website : DIPANDROLL.COM
We have a step by step tutorial in the website as well :)
If you are on a budget, you can shop our sales section and thrift collections too :)

hi can you bring in more romper dresses in your next batch? im eggcited hehe

Hi there , sure :) we will try to bring them in for 2015 ^^

Hi i really like your blogshop so i thought i could ask for some tips for new blogshops? Like how did you start and gradually gain more and more support? Just curious hahah

Thank you so much actually just put your heart and effort in doing your Blogshop and you will see the result .

u are not looking for models anymore?

Hi there :) currently we are not but you can email your details to us for future reference :)

what do you think is the trendiest clothing right now?

Hi there, to us there is no trendiest clothings . As long you match them right, you have the trendiest style and outfit :)

Hi everything18shop co-founder here.is there any reason u blocked us?

hi ! we didnt block anyone. is there any misunderstanding?

hi! do you still have racks at shop outlets? :) if yes, where?

Hi! Currently we don't but we are looking into it :)

Can you bring in more shoes such as creepers? Is the floral creepers still available ?

we will be having a shoes preorder soon :))

are you still looking for models?

Hi ! Currently we are not but you may send in your details for future reference :)

Hi! Are you looking for models? :)

Hi ! Currently we are not but you may send in your details for future reference :)

Hi! May I know whaf app u use to edit those Photo? It's so cool! :)

Hi :) we use google , eraser and photo collage

Hello! Are you still sponsoring blogger currently

Hi there :) so sorry that we are not at the moment . You could email us with your details for future reference :)


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