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how can a 30-year-old man who has never had a girlfriend stop liking women

That's up to you. There's no real answer but personal experiences and spiritual awakening.

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Is it possible for males and females to just be strictly friends?

Yes, it's really up to people's mental maturity and growth for someone to say that men and women can't be friends.

Will glass coffins be a success? Remains to be seen.

What if there's an earthquake? also why do people need to be buried in coffins?! As far as I'm concerned, we are not all Egyptians with the same spiritual beliefs.

How did you find out you were getting cheated on??

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Something felt different, there was a mix of aggression and petty comments about physical appearance. It wasn't until I pushed a button that the whole thing came down.

What do you think about the fact that people who were not born in the USA are called aliens

I think it's a bit weird and too aggressive... now that you mention it.

In your opinion: Is dating and marrying within 6 months “too soon”? Why?

genieloveee2’s Profile PhotoSiren‍♀️
Yes! During my relationship, we moved in together after dating for 6 months and that's already a marriage-like situation.

What do you do when you have feelings for your ex?

I remind myself of all the pros and cons about that relationship, starting with how I was vs how he saw me

I've been with someone living a secret life

Was it an experiment? Cause sometimes pretending can help at times.

Why do people take social media serious??

Grac3fulBella86’s Profile PhotoJaiBella
Cause it's the new norm. Without social media, there wouldn't be content for entertainment, news, or social debate on showing off vs promoting business.

I yelled at this girl and told her I was going to fight this girl and I h@@te her guts. I hate when ppl talk about my personal life. This is bcuz she said I dated this guy that I didnt date. Am I overreacting?

You should stay away from this person completely.
If you want to confront her, but that’s not gonna make her picking on you to stop. Cause she’s gonna see it still bothers you.
Don’t waste your time 💪


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