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Should you break up with someone if you love them?

depends on the situation like if yall dont have the same goal/path if u wanna move on another continent then yes instead of waisting both of yalls time but it really depends on the
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The best words are what is less and more

my heart still hopes for abel and bella to get back together but bella seems happier with her man also i dont like simi anymore after getting together with her best friend's ex shes so weird for that

What would you do if right now you became 250 ft tall?

im at the mountain side and im having the best time!! also i switched from apple music to spotify if someone wants a follow lmk. its snowing!! i started my second semester this week and i already have to buy so many books. im currently reading a little life, if someone has goodreads lmk i want more friends there! also on instagram as well we can be mutuals cause im barely here (im here 5-10 mins each few weeks/months)

churros or cinnamon rolls?

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cin rolls
HAPPY NEW YEAR!! i had the feminine urge to start this year reading a book but rn its the 6th day of the year and i havent touched any book (i opened an Atlas to look at the pictures just so i wont touch any book yet cause my exams are on their way and i dont wanna be distracted by any book and i hope i wont fail😭)

First ask.fm crush?

my year started out so good cause i spent almost a week with someone that i love from askfm<33 today is her birthday and her last day and i will meet her in few hours but we had so much fun
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