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which salon do you usually go to? p.s: you look great with new hair!

I go to the salon near my house area! Thank you so much! ^~^

ever thought of cutting your hair shoulder length short? Think it'll look good on you!

Yes! I have been thinking for awhile already! :-)

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could you show steps on how you edit your blog please? really love it!!!

Hello! I just used a blogger template and formatted everything to black & white as I am going for the minimalistic look. I also shifted everything to the center as well but i added those hearts button that I made using paint for the pages tab that's all! :) hope this helps!

What do you study in ur course? Is it fun and stressful?

The mundane stuff like stats, poa, econs for year 1 and others. Stressful during the exam period I guess I won't say it's fun. It's just studies, are studies ever fun?

Top 5 prettiest girls you noe? (Including yourself)

You can just go through my Instagram LOL there's too many pretty girls out there for me to name.

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