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Though nothing beats the classic Betty and The Beast. Having Natalie as Betty could just be kick-ass. Or Julie maybe? would be cutting edge.

I agree, unfortunately they have a conflict of interest with their work. Jfm is still on the hunt for local Betty to commit to BnB and help resurrect it.

Hey, I think, for the first time ever, I actually like a podcast. I'm loving it! I'm Rob, ex artist/animator at SCEE (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in Cambridge). Worked on a handfull of PS2 and PSP games (note my vintage). Love tech, work in software dev now back in Australia (east coast

Re: What audio gear are you macsturbators using?
In the studio we all use the same mics. Drops in quality in the recordings that don't involve Skype is 99% likely to be due to microphone technique, rather than due to equipment. "Some people" have real difficulty staying on mic while speaking haha. We use "Condenser" microphones which are not ideal for environments where you can't control the acoustics. You can often hear the neighbour badly singing in the shower in our podcasts. For this reason a lot of podcasts use "Dynamic" microphones. They help you get a cleaner recording but I find the voices in the recording to be unnatural, which is fine in broadcast radio but not in podcasts. To get a dynamic microphone that sounds as nice as a condenser you need to spend upwards from $400 per mic.

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