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You. Hey, you. Yeah, you. Guess what? -whispers- I love you. Ask me why I whispered it to you.

Dean Winchester

Why did you whisper it?

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-He clears his throat and leans back in his chair, being polite and letting Cory order his food when the waitress comes back before ordering his own- What can I get you fellas?

Uh... how about a burger and some onion rings?

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-He leans closer and uses a hushed voice- Hey! Remember that was our secret.

-He laughs.- Right, sorry. My bad.

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-He fake gasps and puts his hand over his chest- Really? Well, I do declare!

-He rolls his eyes.- Okay, Blanche.

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-He looks through the menu and then looks over at Cory- I'd say five.

-He looks up from the menu and laughs a bit.- Can I have your autograph, by the way?

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-The hostess nods and seats them at a table closer to the back-

-He takes a seat and looks over at Jensen.- I bet at least three people will come up to us. -He laughs before looking down at the menu.-

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-He walks with him towards the entrance and opens the door for him-

-He smiles happily and walks in. He walks up to the hostess.- Table for two please.

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-He chuckles at his enthusiasm and gets out-

-He exits the car happily.- Let's go get our eat on.

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-He soon pulls into the parking lot and turns towards Cory- We're here.

-He smiles happily.- Yes. Food time.

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-He looks over at Cory and nods- We're almost there. Don't worry.

-He smiles and watches as they drive towards the restaurant-

-He rests his head against the car seat and glances over at Jensen.- I hunger.

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I've only heard it for the past nearly twelve years. Hell, yeah, I know it. -He chuckles-

-He laughs and starts drumming along with his hands.-

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-Hears the song playing and looks at Cory with a raised eyebrow- ...Really?

-He laughs.- You know it right?

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Okay, Monteith. Tunes. What do you wanna hear on the way? Your choice.

-He turns bluetooth on on his phone and flips through the songs until he stops on Carry On My Wayward Son. He plays it with a smirk.-

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-Heads for the car-

-Follows him happily.-

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-Scratches the back of his neck- Let's go, then.

Lead the way, Mr. Ackles.

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-Blushes and bites his lip- I--I guess we could get a little of each.

-notices said blush;
Sweet. I'm starving.

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All of the food for the date? -Realizes what he's said and bites his lip- I...I didn't...

Yeah. All of the food. There can never be too much food.

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You want Chinese? Pizza? Mexican food?

Can I say all?

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Got a favorite place you wanna eat at? Don't feel like ordering out again.

Any place, really. As long as they have food I'm a happy Cory.

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You think so? Well, thanks.

I sure do, Ackles. Okay! No, food time.

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...Well, I said 'dinner', but yeah. Food. Eat. Yum-yum in our tum-tums.

You know, I think you'd be an excellent dad.

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How about dinner?

Did someone say food?

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Why soy sauce?

Why not?

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Soy Sauce.

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