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I am tired of being single.. I want a girlfriend😂

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I’m not going to give you some bullshit answer like “well go get a girlfriend” because it is not that easy nor simple. You want the right girl, not just any girl, correct? I’m a single dude as well and I’ve found that in order to meet the right type of girl, you must first be/become the right type of guy. That doesn’t mean you need copious amounts of cash, high status or even be in tremendously good shape (although that can help initially), but it does mean you have to be in a place to receive without expectation. You must find your happiness, alone, before you are ready to meet someone who you can share that happiness with. Having a need to be with someone just shows that one may not be ready to fall in love, because to be truly in love, you must have “a full cup” so to speak. You want a girlfriend? Work on yourself. I’m not just saying go to the gym 3 times a week and you’ll meet someone, but truly do the inner work you need to do to be happy with yourself by yourself. If you have some trauma to resolve, go to therapy. If you’re out of shape, start working out regularly. If you’re desperate, find out what it is your so desperately trying to find that you feel you need a girlfriend to fill that void. Trust that the right one will notice this work you’ve done and you will inevitably attract someone. Hope this helped.

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