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How do you cheer up a friend who’s down?

get them a little gift that shows you're thinking of them. a handwritten letter, a flower, a playlist, their favorite snack, a little trinket.

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What color are your nails painted right now 💅 mine are pink

i never really paint my nails. i think it's cute, but the texture bothers me.

What's your controversial hot take?

if you aren't still wearing a mask around people, you're not truly a comrade/leftist

What is it that you want to do with someone rn?

if there were no pandemic, i'd love to just go out to cafes and bookstores and events.

Is it wrong to date someone that you think is nice, but don't like them romantically?

FreshICYGirl’s Profile PhotoBe Yourself Always
i wouldn't say "wrong", but you're never going to be happy in that relationship if you aren't attracted to them that way

How would you feel if your bestfriend started dating the person you have a crush on?

this happened to me as a teen lmao. i just let them date and never said anything to either of them about it. and they're getting married now, years later. it was more infatuation than anything, and i haven't felt that way since we were teens.

What items do you have on your bedside table?

normally just my phone and my meds. maybe some decorations

I don't care about this so called holiday either

me neither. i find it pretty hollow considering how shittily we treat veterans in this country

fav cookie?

chocolate chip is a classic. i really love those cookie cake slices with frosting that you can get at the mall

is it true that if a woman sleeps with multiple men, when she gets pregnant her baby will have the dna of all the men she'd slept with?

no. that is false. and makes zero scientific sense. please read a book

If you won a free vacation to anywhere , where you choosing to go? Me Disneyland lol

PrincessTami29’s Profile PhotoPrincess
honestly i would probably pick disney as well.

Do you have any interest in seeing the Amy Winehouse movie?

no. i've heard it's bad and exploitative.

Would you smash a cool whip pie in your own face for $100?

of course. free $100, and no harm to me or anyone else

Is 50 men at 36 too many to be with?

there's no such thing as "too many"! don't let anyone shame you for your sexual experience.


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