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FLETCH truth is you're the bomb and I'm scared that you're driving now PLZ don't crash into our trashcans or Julie's car...also chillin on an airplane wing is no biggie for you #strength -- and of course #greenheart

This one I will answer
I'm a driving legend....

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Who's asking u these creepy questions about me? I think we should teach them a lesson t-fletch. My fave flavor of matto is koolaid hahahaha

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Bro I thought it was GATORADE hahahah I know guys and girls I'm not matto's mom I don't know what he wants to drink or eat at every moment in his life we should all just congrats on his soccer Olympic thinge hahah I don't know the right name
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truth is we have chem together and dr. t likes me much more than you. I'm glad we've become friends because your really nice and funny and i'll be sure to let you know when i get my car

DR t likes me way way more
Ya I'm glad we became friends 2!!!!

Tbh you are really chill...we should hang out more haha :)

Haha ya we deff should only if I make it out of Thailand haha


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