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So you know my eyes change color firming the day you should see it it’s quite beautiful? I’ll save it for you


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I love the you that you were before we broke up. Now you’re just like everyone else;have been ran through tons and even when you’re older and getting desperate I wouldn’t take you back. I love the old you so so much with all my ❤️.But I have to accept that my long time friend and lover is long dead.

Goes like a knob everyone gets a turn I’m not salty tho I knew u were a hoe with a real whores heart at the center my downfall was ever speaking out for u. Don’t cry how everyone wants to fuck u when u let em besides pussy u bring nothing to the table unfortunately. Don’t be jealous ppl fuck with me for me

Question is who are you and why do you have that mysterious look on your face beautiful face i might add

Who is who

I wish you would come shower with me

If ur a guy that’s gey but I used to wash that girls but hole everyday lol only time in her life she had clean clothes and underwear was when we were together lol


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