Junker Gábor :)))))

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You can request one song at the end of year party… what will it be?

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this song's really fits here, cuz' december 31st is friday and january 1st is saturday😄
I think I have the perfect new year’s eve music for my private party!😝🥳
"Ooh, you're good
These are my dancing shoes
We paint the town
Ooh, you're good
Thought I would dance with you
Might get loud on Friday
But on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday
We paint the town"💃🏻🥰
https://youtu.be/FiXVRdotCEkmaxirilla’s Video 167863192661 FiXVRdotCEkmaxirilla’s Video 167863192661 FiXVRdotCEk

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