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Okay but like the fact that my best friend has GREAT sense of style and is a baddie like hello?!?? I'm one lucky guy to have you as my bestie fr🌚🤚🏻❤️

leeknowmin5’s Profile Photominho
Coming from Y O U? I’m more than honored 🌚🤚🏻❤️. Thanks bestie but you always win!😌🤚🏻🌚❤️
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Why did God made you be with us mortals when you should be in heaven by his side angel? Everyone should take flirt classes from me so they can have pretty girls like you by their side😌🌚❤️

leeknowmin5’s Profile Photominho
Minho…I am speechless with those words 😳😍❤️. Your amazing I love you!❤️
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Oh to be Bill so you can visit me…it sounded better in my mind JAJAJAJA🤭🌚🤣❤️

tylerlawrencegray2’s Profile PhotoTyler
JAJAJAJAJA! Tyler you need to practice the pickup lines lmao😭🤚🏻. But thank you bestie🌚❤️
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