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Paano mo malalaman if fully healed na yung tao from their last heartbreak?

If the pain is already bearable, coz' you really can't get over it.

Anong gagawin mo kung hindi siya naniniwalang may gusto ka sa kanya?

Iparamdam mo. Actions speaks louder than words.

26 y/o, never been in a relationship, never been on a date as well. Would you be pressured if you were in my situation?

Of course. Be pressured but don't settle for less. But also, don't put the bar so high naman. Nobody's perfect. Relationships work when you give and take.

Do you trust your gut feeling?

Before, yes. But now, I keep on reminding myself that I control what I think and feel and not the other way around.

What advice would you give someone who’s currently feeling lost right now?

Try new things. You'll find your purpose by getting out of your comfort zone.

"it's been said that love finds you when you're ready."

More like, when you're open to the idea of being in love.

Tangina sa part na ako yung kailangang mag adjust. If not, people always choose to leave. 😭😭😭

Then let them leave. True people will stay.

Mali ba na magkagusto ako sa mas bata sakin?

Hindi. Except sa minor ka nagkakagusto. Know your limits.

After years of being together, paano kung bigla niya sinabi na "Hindi kita nakikita sa future ko." ano sasabihin mo?

Then step up your game. Give him/her reason to stay. Idk anyone deserves to stay in a relationship that isn't growing anymore.

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Kapag may isang tao na consistent na viewer ng "my day" mo sa facebook, anong ibig sabihin kaya?

Bored siya? ✌🏻

Anong laban mo kung yung ex niya sobrang ganda tapos yun pa yung sobrang minahal niya ng todo

Edi sana sila pa rin ng ex niya kung wala kang laban.


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