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What happens when a person moves on ? I mean actually move on. Do you find someone new ? OR Do you linger around making ex's life miserable with the one who makes you happy ?

You don’t make them set, like grown men, little boy still sliding in them DMs
You play around touch the keys
All damn day…video game Gs
Talkin shit, headset to a teen
You really think that keep her happy.
Keep it up on twitter read it joke
Back of her mind she got my hands around her throat fantasizing of when I’m in no joke. Getting that cream with a little bit of choke.
Better than me only in your dreams, cuz in her mind you’ll never top the KING

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what would you do if you found out that the person you like has ants in your house and that the person you like sometimes eats them when you see them

I’m not joining in and probably gonna spray the property

Do you believe in the power of prayer?

Yeah but it’s more self motivating the Lord motivating, he as a rich and prosperous plan already set in the pages.

If your ex begged you back would you take her back? Or he?

I would put my my sincere resistance against but ultimately would be futile to resist

Just hypothetically speaking if someone started flirting with your significant other right in front of you what would you do?

First night I met her and than the first date I got in between and said Peace OUT

Do you think crying is a sign of weakness or strength?

Depends on what makes you cry I can typically control my emotions, physical pain will not bring tears to eyes, but lately since you have been hitting be on the heart so hard I can barely stand or breath when I see a little on close to her age. Camellia especially breaks my heart cuz she always is so happy to see me, god I miss her

Would you believe me if i told you i was the devil and im a woman and bad things were about to happen in the world?

Ummm yeahhh


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