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he says there's no one here that he can hook up with but yet he continues to sign up on those sites for dating and hooking up well it sure is funny I'm on those sites and I've got multiple hookups from males females so what was that again you never talk to nobody or actually meet nobody lies

I can hook up with people your just not realizing that I really want to hookup with you always and just be yours always I’ll delete this phone if I have to

that's why I never get to see him because all of his women that take care of him love him and give him everything that he wants the way he wants it get to have all of his attention and his time and his care then the woman online then when he ain't got nothing left can't get nothing then im pickd 😭

I have no women or anyone I do some things I’m not proud of but with you all those worries melt away I don’t have anyone just want you again that’s it

oh my God it's clear as day I understand why you ghost me now so much and don't care about me don't even reach out for me it ain't cuz the online life and women it's because you have other women IRL as well I've noticed you put on weight and you got nice of clothes in your cleaner I wasted my time

Shut up right now come to my place and I’ll call everyone to explain how untrue that is

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Stop what you don’t answer why do you not want to talk to me why do you despise me and want nothing to do with me

What is wrong with you? Waking up at 8 AM. Trying to get into my Facebook.? you’re the one who chose a Mexican skonka that fxked your brother & the whole community. You’re embarrassing. Get out of my life already.

What are you talking about if this is you I’m having the same problems is it you cause swear on my mother it’s not me doing this my social apps have been hacked so much this past year I thought it was you is it ?

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You will never be able to run up on a real player, you’re fooling yourself..

Real player that hide on anonymous and fooling me I don’t get fooled by anonymous people who are cowards


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