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So you wouldn't mind if I shoot my best shot at the Gamma I heard you messing with?

lmbo!! go ahead and shoot that shot.. im not messing with anyone.

How do you know if she's the right woman

That comes with getting to know her for a while first ....seeing if we can actually be friends before we take it to the next level

Are you looking for a relationship right now?

It's not a priority lol but if the right woman comes along I won't pass her up

What type or women are you attracted to?

Women that keep in shape.. Not stick figures tho cause I like curves lol

What do you look for in a significant other ?

Gotta be attracted to her, she should have a relationship with God and a sense of humor and comfortable with herself

Can u pray for me. God knows who I am im hurting right now.

Sure I'll pray for you, whoever you are


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