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one time you threatened to kick my ass so I'm really scared of you but I just wanna be your friend :(

OMG IM A NICE PERSON I SWEAR I WAS PROBABLY KIDDING. unless you hurt one of my friends or something in which case im not kidding. lol who is this may I ask?

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Hey you probably don't remember me, we used to be close and I saw you a little while back and I wanted to let you know that you're beautiful, extreamely smart, and super talented. I miss you, I hope we run into eachother soon.

thank you so much! that's so nice of you to say. who is this tho?

how come you change your bio/ header so much

lol I don't change my header too often, it just takes me awhile to find one I like! & I change my bio a lot cause I get bored of it

are you a sophmore dinosaur or a sophmore macklemore?

hmmm maybe I should stick to just a sophomore !!

Would you date somone not much smaller than you??

yes, I prefer if they're taller, but what matters most is how I feel about them


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