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Can we talk like adults or are you going to continue hurling accusations and insults at me from someone else’s page?

Ok talk

I love her. I will do anything for her. I want to spend my life with her. I just want to have sex with someone else.

thats yalls business

From what you’ve observed or from your own personal experience with others, what’s the biggest difference between a spiritual person vs a person who isn’t spiritual?


Could you be friends with someone who’s opposite of you aesthetically? Howabout politically?

Of course

If you had the power to permanently forget your last heart break, would you?

At a flash of a dime

Got a girl pregnant by accident and I don't wanna pay child support and I really don't want a kid so is there a way I can just avoid the problem altogether or what?


You seem to be psychic. But you will not help me win the lottery.

😂😂😂 for some odd reason


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