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Jokes are half meant.. So captin d instagram is meant for?

U meant caption kah? I like your phrase "jokes are half meant". I guess a lot of people suka tanya slalu tulis utk sapa. It doesn't always pointed for someone, most of the time, scara general. And most importantly, bkn nak make joke of anyone. Clear cut? maafin saya klu you rasa i joke too much that it probably offend anyone.

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Dear hazira, i think you're a great and aspiring person 😊😊😊😊😊😊 i hope that i get to know you more sbb kita nie dua org yg xpenah bercakap, xpenah bersua. I knal you from your journal. Sorry i stalked tapi i suke baca ap yg you tulis.

I'm open to sharing my stories insyaAllah (if i find it relevant), that was the reason i had a blog. So whoever you are, thankyou for the thoughts. Bear in mind, that what i wrote doesn't always represent who i am in person. My door is wide open, so please come in and find your way into my life tho okay so that u no longer have to become a stalker

Salam sister, if you know someone around you likes you a lot.,,. What do you do? Do you reject or accept

wassalam. Difficult for me to answer huhu. Okay, you don't get to feel mushy about someone everyday. So, accepting that any other person is looking at you in a beautiful way is easy. I would embrace the fact if i happen to know one. Somehow, it would be very cruel and inhumane to tell others not to develop feelings for you when they already have. So, a big yes to accepting someone's feelings as in acknowledging it. But it can also be a big no-no, if the feelings that a person is trying to let me feel, is something i already am feeling with someone else. Im sorry for not being able to give a direct answer, soal hati is a tough one aite.

Saw you. You look grumpy but still cute with pink cheeky rose... Okay awk, i was compliment

hmmmmm okay thanks

Cinta itu... (Sila sambung)

sulit bagi yang menafikan, indah andai kerana cinta yang Agung, tidak terbatas waktu walau ada jarak yang memisahkan, namun rugi sekali bagi yang tiada rasa cinta buat sendiri.
did i nail it? hahah.

Akak minat strawberri enn? Hi!

Oh hye. Nie ckp psl susu strawberri ke? Haah minat hee boley thn arr hang nie observe

Would you consider yourself good at giving advice?

But Allah keeps on sending me people with questions leaving me no choice but to always figure out what can i ever say or do just to make people feel better.

i like someone. but i don't noe if she likes me too. tapi org nya bkn sembarangan. everyone likes her and i am out of the game

in that case, i supposed u are a brother.
so, keep praying that you can be at your version. InsyaAllah, someone as in your lady version will come along and feel the same way like you do.
life is full of surprises and His fate could be the sweetest thing if you could just stay strong in enduring your feelings.
worry not about how the other person might feel. Have faith that things are bound to happen, happens anyway.

byk byk country, which one you would like to go the most? With whom and why?

bumi anbiya lerrr gituu.
Mekah & madinah. Sebab, i dreamt of Kaabah a couple of times and i have friends had performed their umrah and haji.
so, if i were to pick one country out of the globe and to die then, buat umrah pun jadilahh even x jejak kaki at other countries.

how do you react once you know someone around you actually have feelings for you?

I can act normal as if i never even knew that part.
Not acting as in being hypocrite.
InsyaAllah sntiasa cari cr utk buat normal as long as the other person can do the same thing.
of course lah malu kahkah. but first, let's just be macho and endure while i can. Apapun, kena hormat perasaan org and in return maybe they can respect my principle.

saw someone like you

where? my sister kot. but i have heard like million times that i have a familiar face.
hence, this face ada dimana dimana saja.


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