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Have you ever fansubbed for competition? What do you think about such a reason?

What do you mean by competition?
If you mean, have I worked with other groups on a show? No. At the moment I'm a member of DDY and Chihiro, and I do solo and small team projects from time to time. I don't foresee this changing anytime soon.
I'm not opposed to the idea, though it would depend on what the project was and who else is working on it, as there are definitely some personality types that I would clash with.
It's all moot though, as honestly I wouldn't have the time to invest in something like that.
If you mean, do I see fansubbing as a competition? No. I'm only in this for fun. The day it stops becoming fun I'll hang up the towel.
I work with a lot of people and, yes, some of them treat the scene as a competition. Whereby they simply have to be better than everyone else, and they get grumpy if it doesn't turn out that way. But the only measurable quantifications available are download counts and twitter followers, both of which have little relation to the quality of work an individual can produce. I don't understand that mindset.
I only aim to improve my skillset, and help others along the way. I don't measure my self worth against the works of others.

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