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Do you allow yourself to have a reset day ?

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Yes I always allow myself to have a reset day especially when I get something that I'm not proud of because it was over and above what I would usually do and I'm kind of questioning why I did it because I'm a little bit embarrassed about it because when I talk to people about it I actually don't want to tell them all the details
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Tell me something you’d wish you knew 5 years ago

That I was going to meet a beautiful girl and if I didn't stay on top of it, I'd lose her
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Have you ever forgiven someone for cheating on you? Just curious

Yes I have forgiven someone in the past for cheating on me, but for some reason our relationship was never as close as it was before they had cheated on me. It's hard to get rid of that thought. I had a problem of not thinking about them cheating on me when I was having sex with the person that cheated on me. In my case, it was my significant other. I'm heterosexual.
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I want to marry

That sounds like something I would consider. I do want to go there again in my life. One of these days, hopefully sooner than later. Thank you
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Truth or dare

That's a hard game to play even on this platform. Because I could always tell you the truth, but you never be able to prove if I did the Dare unless it was something that could be seen online and not replicated through deceptively clipping and pasting things
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Do you still have feelings for your ex?

Yes I do still have feelings for my ex. I guess once you have a kid with a person and have meaningful sex with that person those thoughts always come up in your head going forward I believe,for me anyway.
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Plans tonight?

I wish I could meet someone that lives in my area here in Las Vegas and we can just go kick back and get to know each other in the park or by walking on one of the beautiful trails near the streams around here
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How are you doing

I'm doing excellent but it's kind of like people just shooting plus inside you that's all you do is answer off the top of your head which is kind of cool because you know it's pretty much the truth when someone doesn't edit their thinking just to please The Listener or the person asking the question
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How long can you go without alcohol or smokin?🤔

I could go without alcohol for as long as I want. I believe it's kind of like the same with everyone. Once you start drinking and you drink on a regular basis like day to day. Then your body gets used to it and it's hard to quit. Smoking is a different story. I quit for a long time but when I came out here from California all the people I met smoked so I started again. But I don't smoke that much one or two here and there not every day.
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