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lyrics that have stuck in your mind?

Oh, my, love is a lie
Shit my friends say to get me by
It hits different
It hits different this time
Catastrophic blues
Movin' on was always easy for me to do
It hits different
It hits different 'cause it's you

Ano mga games sa phone nyo?

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I have virtual family, genshin impact and honkai: star rail na rarely ko lang nilalaro lol

Would you rather be kind or right?

Being right doesn't really matter if bobo kausap mo therefore I'd rather be kind enough to leave them alone amp

Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

Ofc, they're the only one who truly knows who I am except sa bestie ko human diary ko na yung gaga na yun eh

If you bf/gf is abusing you verbally, would you stay?

Nope, I know my worth. Gotta leave that sucker behind 💖

I'm on my friendless era again, ikaw ba?

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I usually keep my circle small, and mas prefer ko pa rin mag isa most of the time
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