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Why do people still give XSEED money when they've proven themselves to be incompetent hacks on numerous occasions?

is this a serious question

What would you want from a possible Sora no Kiseki Evolution?

*Possible*, huh? Lol.
Is "just keep the original music dammit" a valid option? :v

XSEED will finally release Brandish PSP. Is this game any good?

The remake of Brandish on PSP is pretty much one of the best games I played in recent years.
Take it as you want though, but personally I think it's great that more people will be able to play it.

What makes Brandish such an amazing game? You live for Brandish, you die for Brandish, you have an uncle scrooge type of bunker full of Brandish boxes for you to swim in daily.. What makes Brandish so great?

I remember when I heard about Brandish a few years ago and passed on the series, due to people claiming that "Brandish sucks" and because certain Falcom "fans" told me that Brandish series was "a B-level franchise compared to the likes of Ys and The Legend of Heroes". I felt pretty stupid when I finally tried the games, because now it's one of my favorite series ever.
I admit that maybe Brandish isn't the flashiest of action games, and neither is the most epic of RPGs, but even so I love the Brandish series. I can't exactly explain why, but there's an undeniable charm about "Jump, jump, turn, strafe, jump down the hallways and stop at the right place, turn, strafe" and all this sick crap that feels very good (at least to me). It's just I haven't played anything else like Brandish before -- the exploration, puzzles, the difficulty, the feeling of solitude, the music... everything feels really unique to me in this series. The games are hard, obtuse, unforgiving, tightly (and well) designed, charming, fun as hell to explore and satisfying to tackle -- the atmosphere shines through the visuals, and sucks the player into the adventure. The result is an absolutely outstanding Action RPG series and a culminating masterpiece of the dungeon crawling genre that deserves more love.
But the real point is go and play Brandish. That, and that Brandish 2 is still the finest game ever.

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Kill fuck marry: Tyrone, Rog, Dogi

Marry Rog. Can't choose between Dogi & Tyrone for the last two.

Ass or tits?

Are you really asking me that question?
Only virgins prefer tits over ass. Anyone who has had sex can verify this.

I've played every single game in the Ys series. What should I do now?

Start the Brandish series.

Has Falcom even thanked you once for promoting Brandish so much?

Not even once, but I'm currently flooding their email inbox in order to ensure that Brandish 2 remake gets greenlighted.


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