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Hi Jen! I'm a sophomore in college, and I aspire to be in the entertainment industry. I want to start a blog/vlog, but I don't have a following and I've moved cities multiple times, and I really don't have strong relationships. I'd appreciate any advice on reaching the people. Thank you!!

Hey! You inspired a post on my blog related to this. Check it out and I hope you like the advice! http://jendeleon.com/ask-jen-following-advice/

What was it like to interview August Alsina? Was that one of your favorite convos with an interviewee?

Yes! I've been doing interviews for almost 6 years now, my interview with August is my all-time favorite.

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Did you want to be so involved with hiphop or is it just what happened to work out for you?

Actually wanted to do sports (NBA), but guess I was meant for hip-hop.

hahahaha just saw that u kicked a guy in his balls, what did he do after this? Did he hurt you too?

no, he asked me to do it lol (one of those people in Hollywood that ask for money for their talents)

Have you ever kicked a guy in the balls before? Were you barefoot or wearing shoes when you did it?

I was wearing shoes lol

How do you say you dont like flashy guys but you prob wouldn't give a regular nice guy a chance..

I've never dated a flashy guy or a celebrity - I've only dated regular guys


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