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People ignoring my existence or making me regret my existence is what makes me believe that I’m different from everyone else. Is it ok or good to see yourself as different from the rest?

No. you are just so easy to ignore, passby or notice that, although its unconcievable to you , nobody has ever even given you a first glance nevermind a second

Why would a semi human tell someone they need help then tell people he stalking her an have her dirty cops cause she a whole help her an put false charges arrests trespasses even hospital cause I caught them in a lie the time has come my friends to put the cards on the table let's see what u

That was a movie you watched last night. You really need help separating your fantasy life from reality

This is set up for the majority to fail. The gov wants us divided and fighting amongst one another. As long as they can convince you that the american dream is still alive people will continue to work themselves to death as that carrot on a stick they're chasing gets increasingly farther away

Any other trite instagram post you want to regurgitate ?

your parents didnt raise you right & it shows. may the world quake in terror & peril, warning to all

Parents? I was spawn in a puddle of gasoline in a junkyard

I’m sick of people trying to be me I don’t even like myself so why would want to be me lol

I agree. who the hell would want to be considered , in any possible, or conceivable way , to be anything closely resembling you or any part of your disgusting mental or physical being.

If Im 1/4 Puerto Rican and 3/4 white, am I considered white or mixed race

You’re considered a moron for even wondering about what you are instead of working on who you are

This will be the real tricky part I ever ask people and that’s, do you think men or women are differently?


I really miss you. I'm sorry I hide my true feelings to you because I'm very afraid that once I admit my feelings to you, you will abandon me. Because all the people whom I have feelings for in the past always left me in the end.

Sorry gotta go


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