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tbh you're really tall!!!!! donate some of your height please? Okies other than that you're really good looking and friendly! You're funny and pretty cool too!!!! all the best living the college life man have fun with everything you choose to do ??

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Hahahah thanks nina!! All the best to u too! Hav fun in school while u can ? imma give u some the next time i see u ? (height i mean)

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Like=TBH -dk how many times I've done a TBH for u BOI can u pls stop liking it HAHAHAHHA ? TBH u v tall ah v smart v A* for maths all the time???? Still want you to cook for me sighzers ur rly nice to talk to and joke around with SOMETIMES ^_^

sometimes just sometimes HAHA i require payment for my professional skills tho

How many people in ur class are in a relationship or onzing with someone?

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