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When was the last time you told someone you love them?

Today .. everyday I tell my family I love them multiple times a day 🤗

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Crab legs, watermelon, and beef pho! 👏🏾😋 all day everyday I’d never get tired of any of these !! 😍🧡

Can you feel when someone is secretly jealous of you?

Yes they don’t keep it secret for long .. ask God to show you who’s fit you and who’s against you. Ask for discernment so you are aware of the signs a jealous person gives you.

I’ll never understand someone who says they love you but are trying their hardest to break you down like why?????

They don’t love you .. love doesn’t hurt. Read the Bible .. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 love is patient, love is kind. Read the rest on your own. God wants a relationship with all of us! 😌🧡

are you the type of person to assume that a person’s zodiac sign defines their personality?

emocapriclr7’s Profile Photoemocapricorn
No those are demonic and against the word of God

If a person is ugly but consistently makes you laugh would you date them?

What matters is the heart of a person .. that makes you attracted to a person no matter what you may think you feel about how they look

Would you want a big wedding or a small discreet one

My wedding will be a big upscale wedding but very intimate because it won’t be a lot of people there. Not everyone gets to experience my love story lol


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