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Hey Kristin :3 How much money should i take with me for a touristic visit in Norway?

Max Koretskii
Really depends where in Norway your going and what you plan on visiting seeing :) but it’s quite expensive here. You can do a lot of research on prices online beforehand !

Hi bububu, do you ever consider to go pro? do you have any interest?

If I was good enough I’d consider it but I’m soooo far off ?

I play dota at a high level and im going to uni soon, any tips on how to juggle studies with dota? contemplating if I should just stop playing

Worst Dota Player
Keep it as a hobby, but if it gets in the way of your studies I think you should quit for the time being :) but I’m sure you can manage to sneak in some games during weekends

How does it feel to be the center of a lot of males attention? Do you get an ego boost knowing a bunch of guys have the hots for you or the attention? Last thing, do you like seagulls?

Fuck seagulls ??? most annoying sound ever. And no it doesn’t give me an ego boost


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