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which of your fic are you most fond or proud of?

oh no i dont know!!! maybe the 18.5k roadtrip!au penjae i wrote for olymfics (first btob fic ever, was put in team future instead of team au like id hoped for + written to one of my favorite songs ever!!) or the intoaclub vixxo fic because i like the descriptions of the world. world building yeah. runner up might be the "going blind for you" xingfan, i like that one and it doesnt...seem to fall flat like a lot of my wips do rn? :'(

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favorite book(s)?

self-help by lorrie moore + einsteins dreams by alan lightman!!
but recently i am reading a clockwork orange and kafka on the shore, and my sister recommended divergent to me because i havent read it yet and theyre making it into a movie!!
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Salted or sweet popcorn?

...............................sweet, you can eat more of it without getting sick of it!

where do you go when you need a moment of quiet?

the library n___n theres a coffee shop that also sells pmt connected to the librarys main building that i always buy from, and its a nice way to get away from my family for a while. HAHA not that i dont like my family its just that they get to be a bit much

what brings you comfort? food, movies, books, etc

ugh food doesnt bring me comfort because im a stress-eater. i really love a good book (i recently persuaded my mom to buy junot diaz's "this is how you lose her"! ugh yes short stories. i also got "portraits of a few of the people I've made cry" by christine sneed, who i got to hear read her work at my summer creative writing program. so much anticipate), and i really love being warm ie. curled up in bed with the electric blanket on as high as it can go. im not really one to watch movies/dramas...but dead poets society makes me cry every time even if i just watch a couple significant scenes. & a-yo by shinee is the perfect cheer-up/comfort song!

what is your dream vacation?

omg stereotypical fangirl or not, i want to go to seoul. i want to eat at food stalls and pretend im an idol filming for a reality show BC THEY EAT SO MUCH ITS GREAT, and pointlessly visit entertainment label offices for the off chance i see oppa, i even want to stand in line for hours to see a music show (and see what its like for our precious fansite unnies sob, and obviously to watch oppas perform!!). ideal world i get to see a bigass concert like sm town seoul + attend a fansigning of one of my faves ;A;
but i dont have the money for that omg ahhahaa and my family definitely is not allowed to come with, im taking tlist with me instead n____n plus tlist knows more korean than me/my family
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are you coming to socal? now? socal? yes?! RIGHT? WHEN?! WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SOCAL EMMI?!

I WISH ;~~~~~; depending on what colleges i get into, ill be college touring hopefully in socal over spring break n____n which is april 14-18 so you better hmu if we're gonna hang
also im going to be in anaheim for a deca conference soon :D but since its a school thing, less freedom

what makes you really happy at this moment?

i got this around 1am when i was black friday shopping with my friends... we ended up staying up until 6am and slept until 11.30am? and then went to get pancakes
so i think at that moment i was really happy to be hanging out with friends at a ridiculous hour! n____n

what are you thankful for this year? :)))

i'm thankful for my family!! especially my mother because despite all of her suffocating hovering i know shes just being a helicopter parent about college apps because she wants me to do well in life
also i am thankful for my friends at school, who im going to see tonight for my first time black friday shopping in a while(!?). i'm also thankful for tlist, who welcomed me back with open arms even though i just dropped everything and took a hiatus for a while. i'm thankful that i got to see kimmy last night and watch catching fire with her (((i am also very thankful for katniss/peeta))). i'm thankful for riley and her emails, for vee jie and nancy jie and siming jie, for all of my older sisters/siblings on tlist~ i wont name too many names because then i wont have much to say for my end of the year twitlonger of love. HAHA even though the ones i wrote last year and the year before are probably lost in cyberspace now. but truly, i'm thankful. thank you for staying by my side even though i'm not as happy all the time as i wish i could be, and thank you for all the times you encouraged me and pushed me from behind even though all i wanted to do was to fall down and never get back up.
ofc i'm also thankful for jongin aka the most cutest on exo showtime (WHICH I AM SO THANKFUL FOR BECAUSE IT GAVE ME MINUTES OF EXO SILENTLY EATING CHICKEN) and my ultimate bias still even though i have commitment issues. i'm thankful for every single brilliant album that vixx has released recently, especially hyde because i never knew exactly what i wanted from a title track until vixx gave it to me (but i'm listening to voodoo on loop rn, so there's that). i'm thankful for my sweetest baby prince jeongguk even though now i'm a noona fan... also special thanks to bangtan for their twitter and facebook kekeke. i am very thankful to the subbing teams for all my fandoms because without them i would be lost!!!

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Do you have posters on your wall?

many (beast mastermind, beast shock, infinite paradise x 2, infinite nothings over, infinite knock-off poster of them in their gayo daejun tiger striped jackets, exo the face shop x 2, assorted jongin photocards) and a few more to go (exo growl x2, vixx hyde, and if i have room then shinee dream girl)!

do you have any favorite books to recommend? ty~

:D :D yes!!!
- self-help by lorrie moore
one of my hands down favorites. as a writer who cant seem to get enough of how it feels to write in second person, shes my role model! and i love how bitter and jaded her characters taste. (my favorite short stories of the book are "how to be an other woman" and "go like this")
- einstein's dreams by alan lightman
just. way too good. im planning a piece thats basically a series of vignettes in response to this book.
- crush by richard siken
technically this is poetry but i live and breathe siken so if i didnt recommend him in any list of mine, itd be blasphemy. ive never adored the way a poet/writer has put words together more than the way i love love love anything siken touches.
these are my top 3 of all time literally but other books ive enjoyed include fahrenheit 451 (ray bradbury), norwegian wood (haruki murakami, hella depressing but cant get enough), invisible cities (italo calvino, similar style to lightman at least structure-wise), and i have yet to read john green but i swear i have his books...somewhere in the stack...
(for non-fiction, try susan cain's quiet! its about introverts!!)

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who is the most dangerous person on your tlist?

the dangerous ones are the ones who have known me the longest............


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