Ask @karazwaanstra:

What is the worst thing about dating?

hmmm.... I don't really think there is anything bad about dating. I guess the one down side I have learned is that when you are dating someone, they learn everything about you (and vice versa) especially what makes you tick and get angry.... which means when you are fighting, they can pick on you on purpose and push your buttons! But I guess that's a part of dating!

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What is something you have tried, but will never do again?

Freddy jackson
the chilli challenge... my friends were working on a film project of some sort and asked me to eat (and swallow) half a birds eye chilli ( I think that's what it was called) and I agreed to for some dumb reason. I didn't think it was going to be too spicy but I absolutely died!!!! I started crying so much and sweating really badly... not a good experience and I honestly don't really know why I agreed to it but NEVER AGAIN!

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Hi Kara! You seem like a very balanced person from the content of your answers and just overall you look very in tune with yourself. What grounds you? Where would you say your 'morals' come from?

Thank you! This is a hard question to answer really... I guess I've been brought up really well, my parents taught me good morals and I hung out with friends that were really good people.

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When taking pictures in the street or a public place do you get self conscious or do you not care? I wish I could just stand in the street and have a photo taken of me but I always feel silly like someone is looking at me and thinking I'm silly/vein. I guess it's a confidence thing right?

To be honest, at the beginning of modelling I was very self conscious about that and I always felt like people are staring at me. Also for my blog pictures as well. But I soon came to realise that they will stare for a bit and then keep walking. You will probably never see those people again so it doesn't really matter! And in this day in age, there are so many bloggers and people who take pictures on the street anyways, Instagram is huge, that I don't care anymore 😌😌

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