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Why are people so mean on here I'm too nice for thissss 😩

Don't let people do you any kind of way you have to put your foot down and make boundaries
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Do you think social media influencers & pranksters will be around (as a “profession”) in 20 years, and if so, how do you see things changing?

I love when they do pranks

For those who abandoned their family/children to pursue your own desires, how has it turned out and what have you learned that others might not understand?

I learned to not communicate with them no more

It’s hard letting go of a relationship where u were both eachothers best friends then slowly start growing apart to now where ur like complete strangers it really sucks

Yes it can be hard

Do you care about how people might perceive you or what they’ll think about you going off of your posts on here?

No I don't care about their opinion


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